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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Taurus DAO and SA/DA
A: Early Taurus models of both the Millennium and the 24/7 were DAO (Double Action Only)

DAO means that the gun will not fire unless you "set" the springs as you pull the trigger.
A Single Action revolver is fired when the hammer is pulled back, thus "setting" the springs and the gun is fired will little pressure on the trigger.
Double Action refers to when you pull the trigger without pulling the hammer back, the springs have to be "set" by that action, which means the trigger pull is long and heavy.

The 24/7 Pro and the Third Generation Millennium Pro models have a SA/DA trigger similar to most revolvers.

When the slide is cycled as a fresh unfired cartridge is chambered, the springs are "set" and the gun will fire in the Single Action mode. Each time the gun is fired, the springs are "set" so normally you experience a SA mode each time you fire the gun.
However, if the cartridge does not fire, the gun resets itself (like most revolvers) to DA and the trigger can be pulled again. 90% of cartridges will fire the second time the trigger is pulled unless the primer is extremely hard.

The advantage of the SA/DA method is you do not have to manually cycle the slide to attempt to fire the cartridge again. Many semi-auto guns are actually Single Action ONLY (technically the springs are "pre-tensioned" by the action of the slide). You "set" the springs with the slide cycle and if the gun does not fire, you are required to manually cycle the slide to reset the trigger.

This info is the product of group efforts by the moderators of Taurus forums.


Q: What are primer wipes?
A: Primer wipes... or primer drags are not that uncommon among various brands of semi-automatic pistols. Evidently sometimes this occurrence can happen by some function of the gun, or perhaps by design. Whether it is intentionally designed that way, or just a quirk don't worry about it!  It seems to be normal for some of the .40 and .45 Caliber Tilt Barrel design pistols.  My 24/7 Pro shows the primer wipes nearly every time.  Doesn't create problems with feeding or function.  My Bersa .380 shows no primer wipes, but it is a typical blow back design, that functions differently.

Q: Can I shoot +P ammo in my 24/7 Pro?
A: Taurus recommends that standard velocity ammunition be used, however, the +P that are loaded to SAAMI specifications can be used.  Personally, I would leave them to carry use and occasional firing for reliability tests.  The pistol will last longer when fed on a standard pressure round.

Q: Are .45 ACP rounds one-shot man stoppers?
A: Go back to the links page and read the FBI file about handgun effectiveness.  This is a yes and no answer.  Hint:  the file link is marked blue and downloadable (about 202kb)

Q: Can I shoot hand loaded ammunition?
A: Yes.  See the links page on hand load information.  Stay within SAAMI recommendations, an don't load for hot and you should be just fine.  Just follow standard rules and formulas for hand loads from manuals or internet guidelines.  Stay safe.  I shoot very low power loads for target/practice.  Saves wear and tear on the pistol.

Q:What do I do with a new pistol just purchased?
A: Read the manual over very carefully.  They send them along for a reason.  Take the pistol apart for cleaning and clean it very well before shooting for the first time.  Seriously!  Pistols shipped from the manufacturer should NOT be shot before a thorough cleaning.  DO NOT get heavy handed with lubricants as they attract dirt and lint.  Also, disassemble the magazine and clean the shipping oil out of it as well.  The manual tells how to do this as well as the field stripping for cleaning.

Q: Does the .45 ACP have an advantage over the .40 S&W?
A: Yes, it's .45 instead of .40.  One friend of mine used to say it was "pre-expanded".  I carry a .45 because they don't make a .46.

Q: What is the best self defense round for the .45?
A: This answer is subjective and has more than one simple answer.  Many carry hollow point over full metal jacket FMJ.  The best you can get with a hollow point is good expansion and prevention of over penetration IE exiting the target.  Worst case is it won't expand, which is no worse off then than the FJM bullet.  I carry Remington Golden Saber JHP in 180 gr bullets, standard velocity.  I have tested these at my home range and they do an excellent job of expansion even through layers of cloth.

Q: Why is that bottom question so strange?
A: Because I want to leave one "clean" Q/A in here so I don't have to re-invent the page code again.

Q: Where is a good place to look for information on Taurus pistols?
A: I'd recommend heading over to Taurus forums.  They have a lot of experienced folks there that comment and answer many questions about Taurus, and not just on the 24/7 Pro pistol.

Q: How long as Taurus been around?
A: They were founded in 1939 and produced their first revolver in 1941.  In 1970 they were part of the parent company of Smith & Wesson and freely shared ideas and designs.  In 1977 Taurus was bought by the current owner, and severed ties with Bangor Punta (parent company of Smith & Wesson).  They bought the Beretta plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1980, complete with tooling, dies, and workforce, after Beretta had completed it's contract with the Brazilian military.

Q: Is the Taurus 24/7 Pro .45 ACP accurate?
A: Very!! When you can shoot 4 metal targets at 30 feet in under 1 second, that has to say a lot for accuracy and ability to get back on target quickly.  See the video in the link section.

Q: What is a good inside the pant holster or outside holster for the 24/7 Pro in .45?
A: I have a Blackhawk IWB holster made of soft material  Blackhawk Holsters makes this inside the waistband holster, and the one I use is the 1911 Style.  I also have a Fobus SP-11 holster that hold it very well on the outside, sort of like a pancake, clip-on holster, molded plastic.  There is also Crossbreed Holsters that have come highly recommended on different forums.  I also have the SmartCarry holster that I can use with T shirt and shorts for full concealment, which is sometimes more difficult with a larger pistol like the .45 Taurus 24/7 Pro.

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